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Make Future Yours 

Notaz Consulting Engineers provides the highest quality of professional consulting and engineering services that support clients needs today while continuing to meet their needs in the future. We are specifically strong in managing complex projects, which require interdisciplinary engineering expertise.When you choose Notaz as a partner, you can expect the next generation of engineering and project management details. As a matter of fact, Notaz is a professional globally recognized firm that goes beyond a consulting role in order to act as a  partnet to its clients by aligning with goals and processes.


As a leader in steel and mining industry and with a depth of knowledge in mechanical, electrical, civil and steel structure engineering, we offer full-scope services for major industrial projects that help clients effectively meet their technical needs in a safe, cost-effective and sustainable manner.The passion to experience life in a better future inspires  us to put innovation into action to achieve top-notch quality levels in all aspects of our work.



Having been experienced enough in management, designing and execution in mining and steel industry, motivated us to start again in Notaz and transforming engineering projects positively all around the world. At Notaz, we work to serve for better future by implementing engineering & consulting solutions. We are proud to note that we have not only played a pivotal role in entrepreneurship in our nation, but also have provided cost-effective and value-added services to the global steel industry. The key to our long-term success lies in our business philosophy characterized by value creation, team working, agility and integrity, which helps us make facilitating decisions to develop global industry, and to adapt to challenges and customer needs in today’s ever-changing world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, interest, and faith in our company. We pledge our relenting efforts in pursuit of fulfilling our responsibilities and bring sustainability to our community as a leader in mining and steel industry.

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our vision is to be responsive to our stakeholders and to

offer competitive , innovative and economical equipment

and services to our customers

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team work

Our Core Values
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value creation

Our History

Establishment of SBR Company & First contract(1999)

Establishment of SBR Company & First contract Signing the first project contract in SBR Company entitled ” Construction and Structural Design for Galvanized & Coal Coating Production Line Plant ” with MSC.

Export Engineering Service(2006)

Based on SBR management capability, the first international experience was started with Maerz company which is one of the most well-known companies in lime and dolomite industries.

Best Engineering Company (2007)

Winning the first honorary and official award related to the nomination as the best company in architectural field in 2007.

Becoming an EPC Company (2010)

Foolad Sang Lime Plant project with Capacity of 3* 400 TPD and Gol-E-Gohar Pelletizing Plant with Capacity of 5MTY bring forward SBR as EPC Company in 2010.

Becoming a Knowledge -Based Company (2014)

Being nominated as the best knowledge-based company located in Isfahan Science and technology town in 2014 and 2015.

Establishing Oil & Gas and Environment Department (2015)

To broad services and achieve new experiences, departments of Oil & Gas and Environment were established.

Establishment of Notaz Company (2017)

Having more than two decades of successful experience in the field of company management in both national and international scope, Hossein Majlisi established Notaz as an EPC Company

Operating as a leader in the mining and steel industry of the region(2022)

Currently, Notaz plays an active role in 7 MC, Engineering and EPC projects in the fields of lime, DRI, steelmaking and cold rolling by utilizing specialized and committed staff.

our story continues