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This complex with firm and constant steps will follow accomplishment of the targets and prospects for promotion.

Akbar Norouzi, Managing Director of Sangan Iron Ore in a press meeting answered questions of our reporter on the activities of the company:

Would you please outline the performance and development of Sangan Iron Ore in recent years?

Extraction of iron ore at the beginning started with the development of explorations for the operation of giant iron ore mines in Sangan region of Khaaf with an aim of producing and selling graded iron ore and meeting part of the raw materials required by the steel and cement industries in the country.

Given the strategic nature of iron and its products in the international markets and in line with the country’s macro policy making, Sangan Iron Ore Complex took measures for the establishment of phase one of the iron concentrate plant. During the time of construction and equipment of the factory, production and sale of graded iron ore in addition to the supply of the feedstock of part of the industry cycle, has been an appropriate support for the realization of such targets.

In recent years, Sangan mines complex keeping pace with the country’s industry cycle as well as with regard to the increase in demand in domestic and international markets has taken measures for the development of its production plans.

Some of those steps are as follows:

  •  Increased extraction of iron ore from about one hundred thousand tons in early 1370s (1990s) to over 50 million tons in the past year

  •  Increased production of graded iron ore from about one hundred thousand tons in early 1990s to over 1.5 million tons in the last year

  •  Increasing crushing units from 2 in 1374 (1995) to 7 in 1393 (2014)

  •  Increasing capacity of crushing units from about 600 thousand tons in 1374 (1995) to about 6 million tons in 1393 (2014)

  •  Establishing infrastructures and proper grounds for increasing extraction of iron ore by implementing activities such as preparation and establishment of access road in accordance with international mining standards

  •  Establishing and operating phase 1 for production of iron concentrate with a capacity of 2.6 million tons per year

  •  Launching operations for the establishment of development phases for production of concentrate and pellet for gaining access to about 17 million tons of product with the participation of investment companies

Some liken Sangan to mineral Assalouyeh of Iran. What are the future and development prospects in Sangan region?

Currently Sangan iron ore has entered the scene of mines and mining industries in Iran and the Middle East with an investment of over 120 thousand billion rials. We aim to construct concentrate and pellet factories for supplying 17.5 million tons of concentrate and 17.5 million tons of pellets and reach the target of producing 20 million tons of concentrate and 20 million tons of pellets by IMIDRO and other investment companies. Calling Sangan the eastern Assalouyeh of Iran is the least tribute we can pay this internationally known brand. This complex with firm and constant steps will follow accomplishment of the targets and prospects for promotion.

What are your suggestions for development of the mining sector? Are smaller mines in need of development?

  •  Effectiveness in policy making decision making, planning and steering infrastructure and development oriented private sector

  •  Benefiting from modern systems of human resources management and employment and development of expert, knowledge-oriented, initiative, entrepreneur manpower

  •  Localization and gaining access to required modern knowledge and technology with the effective participation of activists in scientific and research centers

  •  Making decision on monitoring and development policies and efficient guidance toward sustainable development

  •  Promotion of information, consultation, research, education and infrastructure services for the empowerment of the private sector

  •  Increasing the share of the private and cooperative sectors in development of mine and mining industries

  •  Provision of modern technologies required by the mine and mining industries

  •  Increasing the share of human resources in presentation of technical, engineering and consulting services

  •  Development of new systems for human resources management

  •  Development of knowledge-based companies in the field of technology and relevant cooperation

  •  Development of international interaction and participation in the field of transfer and development of knowledge and technology

  •  Localization of technology and development of research

  •  Improving production capability

  •  Supporting market development and boom

  •  Access to the balanced economic, social and environmental development of the mines and mining sector

  •  Creating competitive advantage in the country by the definition of development and renovation plans

  •  Strengthening capability for providing financial resources and attracting investment in projects

  •  Strengthening the ability for execution of projects

  •  Improving exploitation of completed projects

What plans do you have for the attraction of foreign investors in financial, technological, etc. terms?

Sangan region enjoys good potentials for investors. In this area so far production of 17.5 million tons of pellets and 17.5 million tons of concentrate has been projected which will be commissioned within three years.

Projects to become operational in future will be implemented by IMIDRO, Mobarakeh Steel Company, Khorasan Steel, Foolad Shargh Kaveh (East Steel) and Bank Melli Investment. The share of IMIDRO and Mobarakeh Steel of the investment is 5 million tons of concentrate and 5 million tons of pellets each and the share of Khorasan Steel, Kaveh East Steel and Bank Melli Investment is 2.5 million tons of concentrate and 2.5 million tons of pellets each.

Sangan Iron Ore Complex has had the required cooperation with the investors for the development of coordination in order to advance infrastructure targets such as delivery of land.

With regard to regional commonalities and being the closest specialized Iranian corporation to Afghanistan in geographical terms, do you have any plans to invest in the neighboring country?

Sangan Iron Ore Complex cannot make investment in other countries due to being a government entity; therefore there will be no activity in this regard.


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